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In the marine industry Bill Higham Marine is synonymous with quality used outboard engines. That is because we have been turning out superbly serviced, excellent condition, and trouble free used outboards for over forty years. It takes a long time to build the enviable reputation that we enjoy, and we are really proud of it.


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Everybody who owns a boat has heard the scare stories about buying used outboard engines: Problems starting, drifting at sea. Engine cuts out for no obvious reason, drifting at sea. The engine is running or giving out strange beeps and bangs, then drifting at sea. Much of the bad rap used marine engines manage to pile up is due to poor servicing techniques.

Well at Bill Higham Marine, we operate a tried and tested, rigorous servicing regime on EVERY used outboard engine for sale, it’s a schedule of servicing that we have developed over the last forty years, listening to our customers, really listening, and taking note of every problem and failure that you experience, then working out what we could’ve done differently to avoid the problem, sometimes nothing, but sometimes something - we maximise the something so that you don’t experience the drifting….

Enough of the hyperbole, let’s give you a few examples of our service checks that most other companies miss out as they are too time consuming:

  • New impeller
  • New spark plugs
  • New oil filter (& fuel filter where applicable)
  • Gearbox pressure tested, new oil, prop shaft checked for straightness
  • Compressions tested
  • Shock mounts and midsection checked for wear
  • Laptop hookup and printout, check fault codes on all outboard engines with intelligent ECU
  • Fuel system flush, and clean on EFI engines, Carb clean on carburretted engines.

Our dyno testing facility allows us to perform a ten minute tank test under varying speeds including at least 3 minutes at wide open throttle, full load, in gear and water pressure test.

So when you buy a used outboard from us you are getting one of the most comprehensively serviced and tested marine machines available today! That’s why our used outboards aren’t the cheapest - but hey if you want a cheap engine there are loads on ebay, i’ve seen them: sold as seen, no warranty given or implied, no returns - you’ll save a few quid, but take a fishing rod so you can enjoy drifting at sea…..


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