Torqeedo Electric Outboards

The concept of the Torqeedo electric outboard brand was conceived in 2003 on Lake Starnberg in Germany, due to ecological issues, restrictions were made which precluded the use of internal combustion engines, so Doctors Christoph Ballin and Friedrich Böbel set about pioneering a self contained, genuine alternative to a portable petrol outboard. And so the torqeedo travel range was created. The company has moved a long way since that time, but still maintained its initial goal - to create electric outboards that are genuinely comparable to their petrol forebears. And with fossil fuels in finite supply, their success and continuance is pretty much guaranteed.


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Electric Propulsion solutions for sailors

Sailors now have a viable alternative to diesel inboards, and saildrives, and petrol outboards. So from the tiny travel 5003 and 1003 tender outboard motor, the 5 and 20hp saildrive outboards, through 5, 8 and 20hp pod drives and 40hp sail drive inboards, to the mighty 40hp and 80hp deep blue shaft drive inboard and everything in between Torqeedo have a marine propulsion solution for you.

Electric motors for motor boaters

Motor boating can be green if you choose Torqeedo, their range of outboard engines encompasses truly portable lightweight dinghy motors in the form of the travel series. For slightly larger propulsion needs the Cruise range steps in, with outboard horsepowers of 5hp, 8hp and 20hp, along with super energy dense battery solutions to feed them. Moving on from here Torqeedo offer their Deep Blue range of electric outboard motors in hp ratings of 40hp and a massive 80hp, these motors are typically coupled with the BMW i drive energy solution coming with a 9 year warranty that promises 80% residual battery capacity with a 9 year daily use cycle!

Electric motors for Kayaks

Kayakers are truly spoilt, as the torqeedo ultralight system is a product to behold. As the name suggests they are so light, weighing just 8.9kg for the complete kit including remote control and battery, they transform your kayak from a back breaking thrash into a truly pleasurable experience. So be it sightseeing or fishing, choose the torqeedo ultralight for your kayak or lightweight boat.

Torqeedo and Bill Higham Marine

Our relationship with Torqeedo stems back to 2007 when the electric outboard concept was in its infancy, we have been firm supporters of their quest to turn boating green, and can help with your decision and choice, so give us a call to discuss your needs and we will work together to make smelly fuel and noisy engines a thing of the past!


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