Tohatsu Outboards


Did you know that Tohatsu outboards are the only outboard brand designed and manufactured solely in Japan? Well they are, and in the largest outboard engine factory in the world to boot! Tohatsu outboards have a long heritage in the marine industry, and they are the oldest Japanese outboard manufacturer. Their heritage stems back to the 1920’s no less!


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Tohatsu “Backs you up” 7 year limited warranty

Tohatsu outboards offer an industry smashing 7 year limited warranty, this is their way of backing up their promise to you, that they offer THE most reliable outboard engines available today. Just have your new Tohatsu outboard serviced once a year or every 100 hours by a tohatsu dealer and enjoy the peace of mind that the longest warranty in the marine trade affords.

Symplique Technology

With Tohatsu’s new public re-branding programme launched after an in depth analysis of the worldwide outboard market, fact finding forays and public and dealer feedback (much of it conducted in the UK) has led Tohatsu marine to launch their new Simplique initiative, this catchphrase encompasses the new Tohatsu mission statement, which is to produce outboard engines that are simple, easy to use, and of the most outstanding quality.

Passion for Perfection

This new drive can be seen quite clearly in Tohatsu’s brand new models, take the new MFS50 for example, it is the lightest 50hp 4 stroke outboard ever produced, it has industry leading fuel consumption figures, torque is outstanding also beating larger, heavier competitor engines in speed and dyno tests alike. But it is the ease of maintenance and repair that sets the new breed Tohatsu outboards apart from the rest. The new MFS 50 can be almost completely stripped down using only a 10mm and 13mm socket and spanner set!

And what about the all new 20hp 4 stroke tohatsu outboard? Well we’ll throw a couple of figures at you - lightest 20hp 4 stroke ever built - 43kg. Sound good? To put it in perspective that’s the same weight as an old school light weight 15hp 2 stroke engine! But the stats haven’t stopped there, this engine is also THE world’s smallest ever self generated fuel injected outboard engine ever! How’d you like those apples? In real terms this means that you get a truly portable 20hp engine that has a bulletproof EFI fuelling system - yes that’s right, no more carburettors!! Yay!


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