As the designer of our boats, here is Simon Higham’s introduction to the Seapro range:     

“Seapro inflatables are manufactured using the best materials available today, we don’t believe in shortcuts here, German VALMEX is a PVC manufactured by Mehler MEHGIES (yes i know it’s a mouthful, don’t try to pronounce it you’ll end up with ulcers!), it’s the most expensive pvc available, but it is also the toughest, so that’s the stuff we use on ALL our Seapro inflatables, even the tiny seapro rollup uses a super lightweight and strong material called mainstream light, its 0.7mm thick but has the same tear resistance as the competitors 1mm thick fabric. So your boat rolls up nice and small AND it makes your inflatable 25% lighter too!


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Our Seapro heavy duty inflatables incorporate an awesome technical fabric called VALEX Roughskin into the tube tops as a super abrasion resistant seat patch. The tube and hull fabric of the HD range is made from Rhino thick VALMEX heavy, this stuff is tough, it is strong, but it is heavy, then again the Heavy Duty boat is designed for hard work and serious play, so weight is not the overriding factor. The HD boats also have extra tube fabric in key areas, under the full length and width of each tube you will find an extra layer for abrasion resistance, and the keel is protected by a 300mm wide, very tough rubbing strake.

Fabric lifting handles are a recent improvement, I probably inflate and deflate over 100 boats in a season, and when rolling a boat up two years ago i was having a hell of a time getting one of the plastic grab handles to sit flat when rolling, so i went back to the drawing board and we did some testing on fabric grab handles, we made some out of valmex mainstream heavy material, three layers, stitched, and load tested it….. The new handle was half the weight, and EIGHT times stronger than the plastic handle. It also folds far easier too which was my initial requirement - two birds with one stone. So now you won’t find a plastic handle on any of our boats.

Aluminium has been a bit of a headache too, 6 years ago we decided to make the front floor board on all our HD boats from it, it looked great, was a good selling point, but then the odd warranty claim started to come in, boats used in high hours applications, like rescue training etc. active dive clubs, or transport boats, were reporting that the aluminium was abrading the hull fabric in the corners. Now Seapro inflatables have three layers at these stress points anyway, but even so, people didn’t like the abrasion. So now we’ve gone back to the tried and tested marine ply for the front board, its super tough and hard wearing, will last a lifetime, and VALMEX likes it.

Our Airdeck inflatables are my favourite, these boats are so great, “just roll it out and blow it up” that’s the catch phrase as there is NO assembly required when deploying them, you can have so much fun with them, and they just roll back up and go in the bag at the end of the day! Again VALMEX fabric is the key here, without it our boats just wouldn’t make sense. The Mainstream fabric is .8mm thick and super light, so this allows a 3.4m boat to pack down into a bag that’s a meter long, half a meter wide and weighs just over 40kg! When it is deployed and inflated to the correct pressure (really important with an airdeck!), it is so rigid you would never believe it isn’t a solid boat, on the plane the under mattress pressure plates soak up the tendency to ‘wave follow’ and keeps your from sucking down and slowing your progress, you ride on top and stay on top. Big diameter tubes allow for high HP engines for more fun and load carrying capacity. The 3.6m airdeck with a 20hp 4 stroke is the perfect family package, you can tow a 10 stone skier, two kids on ringos, or load it up with 35 stone and still plane the boat.

So this is just a snippet of the stuff behind our boats, as you can see i’m passionate about Seapro inflatables, and I truly believe that they are the best product on the market. I suppose the other advantage of a Seapro boat is that, as we dont sell to dealers, you, the public are buying at trade price, so you will get the best new inflatable boat deals here, direct from us. So when comparing a Seapro boat, look at products 40% more expensive, and that’s your comparison, these boats are not a Honwave, wetline, or sunsport, they’re much much more.”


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