Inflatable Boat Sales

In 2006 we designed a range of inflatable boats, the remit was simple, to improve on the best that was available at the time, so we looked at the great airdeck inflatable boats made by Quicksilver, the tough heavy duty inflatables from Bombard, avon and Zodiac, we looked what made these boats so good, and what could be improved. Then we sat down with a draftsman and set about creating the concept of Seapro inflatable boats.

They were an immediate success, and over the intervening years we have been tweaking the design for extra longevity, better performance and improving ease of use. We thought we had it dialled in perfectly until in 2014 we discovered a German boat fabric called Valmex. It isn’t very well known as it is very expensive, but in various thicknesses and textures it has the best tear, tensile and abrasion strength of any like PVC on the market. Oh and it’s also UV proof - something that no other PVC claims to be. So it is perfect for use in hot climates such as can be found in the Mediterranean.

Naturally since then all of our new inflatable boats for sale have been manufactured using this fantastic product, and now we have future proof boats that genuinely last a lifetime. So I suppose what we are saying is that unlike a standard retailer, when we say we know a thing or two about Inflatable Boats, we really do know a thing or two about inflatable boats.


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