Torqeedo - 2106-00 Power 24-3500


Torqeedo’s 24 V lithium battery receives a higher capacity and a technical update for 2019. The new Power 24-3500 increases energy density to an impressive 138 Wh/kg and tips the scales at just 25.3 kg, only 800 g more than the previous model. The 1,700 W fast charger can fill up the Power 24-3500 in just under two hours, making this lithium pack perfect for recreational or com- mercial use.

Power 24-3500
Useable energy 3,500 Wh
Nominal voltage 25.9 V
Weight 25.3 kg
Energy density (weight) 135 Wh/kg 138 Wh/kg
Maximum discharge rate 180 A (4,500 W at nominal voltage)
Dimensions 577.5 x 218.5 x 253.5 mm
Battery chemistry Li NMC
Cycle lifetime 800 cycles at 100% depth of discharge at 25 degrees C results in approx. 25% capacity loss
Annual capacity loss les than 4%
Max. connections 2P 2S8P or 1S16P
Price performance 0.86 EUR/Wh

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